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Rikey and Becky


Hello there!  

Have you visited the Alice’s Bear Shop website before? 

If you haven’t, welcome, and if you have, welcome back! 

As you look around our website, you will find a delightful assortment of teddies and soft toys including new, vintage and artist bears.  For creative bods, we also have a fine array of bear making kits and supplies.

We also repair teddy bears, dolls and other cuddlies in our teddy bear hospital where poorly patients visit us from all around the world.  

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Best Sellers

Tilly bear

Tilly bear - Tilly Tilly bear - Tilly
£29.99 (VAT incl)
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Tilly bear

Hardback - Chunky And The Bone - HBChunkyBook Hardback - Chunky And The Bone - HBChunkyBook
£4.99 (VAT incl)
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